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THE GOLDEN TRIO + muggle magazines

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When I find the perfect rock on the ground to add to my rock collection


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"While I agree with your point, Josephine, capitalism is an unjust ideal and it won’t work anymore"

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ill never not reblog this

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Characters of the Silmarillion

Glorfindel : How do I begin to explain Glorfindel? Glorfindel is flawless. I hear his hair is insured for 3 Silmarils. He does shampoo commercials… in Mordor. His favourite tv show is How I Met Your Balrog. One time he met Galadriel in Imladris and she told him he was pretty. One time he came back from the dead. It was awesome. 

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It literally kills me when men think they know women’s fashion better than women

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Natalie Dormer does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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by e

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